Water Soluble Fertilizer Plant
NPK+TE Blending

Water Soluble Fertilizer Production Line

1.Brief Introduction

The system will automatically weigh and blend as per the different formula (recipes), then automatically filling into various size bags to package. Each dump station has the dust collector, the whole system are enclosed and reduce the materials contacting with the moisture air. All parts contacting with the material are industrial stainless steel with special painting and anti-arc bridge device to efficiently solve the problem of sticky, caking, bridge, and collapse etc. This system is fully automatic control, easy operation and maintenance


The automatic water soluble fertilizer production line combines urea crushing, batching scale, Mixer, Packing machine, de-dusting system etc together. The raw materials dump can be from floor level or from the tower. it can lift by wheel loader and monorail crane. custom design as per your workshop conditions.


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