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Robot Palletiser

Robot Palletizing System

The Multi-Functional Robot Palletizing System is researched and developed by SANNONG and Swiss ABB Company. This technology adopts the fastest four-axis multi-functional industrial robot in the world, which significantly shortens the time of every production period, thus increases the efficiency.

New type granule & powder packing machine can be widely used in fertilizer, chemical, feed and many other fields. The equipment adopts SIEMENS controller, with advanced automation and working reliable ability. It features that big output and easy operation and maintenance, save the labor.


Model:SMD series

Max. Loading capacity: 110kg

Output (bags/hour): 1200

Loading capacity: 50kg/bag

Max. bag fetch capacity: 2.4m

Power: ISO cube3.67kw

Power supply: 200-600V, 50-60Hz

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